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Classic AutomotiveMECHANICAL Classic AutomotiveELECTRICAL Classic AutomotiveBODY Classic AutomotiveEXTERIOR Classic AutomotiveINTERIOR Classic AutomotiveRESTORATION Classic AutomotiveENGINE Classic AutomotiveDRIVELINE
Classic AutomotiveMECHANICAL
Skilled mechanical service for your classic automobile
Classic AutomotiveELECTRICAL
Skilled electrical service for your classic automobile
Classic AutomotiveBODY
Skilled body work for your classic automobile
Classic AutomotiveEXTERIOR
Skilled exterior work for your classic automobile
Classic AutomotiveINTERIOR
Skilled interior work for your classic automobile
Classic AutomotiveRESTORATION
Skilled restoration of your classic automobile
Classic AutomotiveENGINE
Skilled engine work for your classic automobile
Classic AutomotiveDRIVELINE
Skilled driveline work for your classic automobile


Don’t trust your classic car to a dealership or mechanic that only knows how to plug in a diagnostic tool. Your classic car built before the late 80’s doesn’t event have that option.


Our clients understand that their classic car is not the same as a modern car and that it requires skill and experience to service and repair their classic cars.


Trusted professionals with actual experience with classic automobiles. Experienced repair, service, maintenance, parts, restoration, interior and exterior repairs.


We specialize in and only service, repair, maintain and restore custom cars. We do not provide services for newer vehicles. Good news if you have a classic car. 

Classic Auto Repair

Palm Beaches

Finally, qualified service and repair for classic cars in the Palm Beaches

We collect and own classic cars and have for decades. We love working on our classic vehicles, from basic maintenance, to repairs, restoration, body and interior work, engine rebuilds and more. When we arrived in the Palm Beaches in 2019, we were shocked to find that there weren’t any shops that provided knowledgeable or experienced service, repair, maintenance, restoration or parts for classic cars. After a few years of meeting other local classic car owners and collectors and hearing their frustrations and horror stories regarding getting anything done for their classic cars, we decided it was time to do something so we formed Palm Beach Classic Autos. Finally, professional, knowledgeable, capable Classic Car Service for Palm Beaches classic car owners.


Mobile Service

Palm Beach Classic Auto offers mobile auto service for number of different service, repair and diagnostic requests. Many of our clients use this service for basic repairs and service or to prepare a vehicle to be moved to our shop for more extensive repairs. We are not able to perform major repairs through our mobile service and the vehicle must be in a safe, secure and dry area in which it can be serviced. Click the link for a list of standard services that can be performed through our mobile service


Tune Up

Most tune-up's can be performed by our mobile service.

Oil Change

Our mobile service is able to perform oil and filter changes for most vehicles.


Mobile tire repair, mount and balance for most vehicles is available.


Because sometimes your classic car just isn't doing what it is supposed to.

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We take care of classic cars

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